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Serving Our Customers by Delivering High Impact Transformations

Next Generation Managed Services is a term used to describe the latest evolution in the managed services industry. It encompasses a wide range of services that go beyond the traditional monitoring and management of IT systems.

The Traditional Managed Services are usually focused on security, incident management, patch management, access management, change management, and business continuity, on the contrary Next-Gen Managed Services delivers a new standard of operations and management, which includes containerized environment support, DevOps/DevSecOps integration, serverless architecture support, service intelligence and high level of IT infrastructure automation.

We are always focused on everything.
The Cloud Managed Services we offer live by this motto. Utilizing technology and processes, we improve business continuity. Our automated platforms & solutions provide the always-on company with an extra layer of much-needed security. All our efforts and skills are directed on helping businesses along with operational and security threats be quickly dealt with or eliminated. With years of combined knowledge, an unmatched commitment to customer service, secrecy, and openness and having a constant watch on what is happening, on what is being spent and saved, and on what may be optimized is how we manage your AWS services and having a means that you are aware of everything.

Our AWS Managed Services for businesses enable continuous operations supported by Service Level Agreements (SLAs); proactive 24-hour assistance to prevent and address outages; and defence against attacks. We support you in reducing costs, accelerating company operations, and reducing time to value. We manage substantial and intricate deployments that aid clients in reaching new heights as an AWS Cloud Managed Services Provider.

What We Deliver

At HSI, we have a thorough understanding of our clients' business needs as well as the potential effects of emerging technology. Our goal is to offer Next Generation Managed Services which is about increasing collaboration between the you and HSI team using modern communication tools, streamlining processes to get gains in productivity, reducing cost and increasing availability through automation and focusing on innovation to bring more value for the customer over time.

Our Offerings


Our DevOps practice is an integration of AWS, third party and open-source tools. We integrate these tools to extend the functionality and capabilities of the AWS DevOps platform. Our customers have a royalty free, unlimited use of the integration even when our services end.


24 x 7 x 365 Support